Family Life:

Paul and Barbara, a pictureIntroducing my wife Barbara
(and of course, myself).

We met in 1991.

She was on crutches as the time, and dressed in sweats. Even so, she was quite cute, and we just seemed to "click."
I'm an introvert, she's an extrovert.

The rest of our lives works in pretty much the same manner: Where I'm weak, she picks up. Where she's weak, I try to help out.

We live an a small town called Warsaw, IN, where she works for the local non-profit center for the Mentally Handicapped, and where I work for the parent company of a locally-based (but now national) ISP as Manager of Information Services / Database Administrator. In my spare time (until 2001 at least), I curated the Warsaw Biblical Gardens, where I'm now Curator Emeritus.

 We were Married in August of 1993.
The picture will tell you who participated.

NEW -- we've had a daughter! Victoria Jade was born 28 November, 2002. For visuals, please click over to Her Majesty's Page.

Her Hobbies: My Hobbies:
Anything to do with drama or with acting, in short, that will get her up in front of (interacting with) people.


Working with the mentally handicapped.
(Well, that's kind of her job, too.)


Reading voraciously, in all fields, but concentrating on

  • Judaism,
  • Women's Rights
  • Wm. A Alcott (1830s), and
  • the Web.

Transcribing public domain works for Internet consumption.

In case you couldn't guess, that includes web design and print work.

Barb's Resume My Resume

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