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I used to update these once a month. That has gotten to be a lot of work, with 500+ bookmarks scattered over multiple pages, so watch for smaller, incremental updates of sections on a more regular basis, but I maintain over 30 sites in addition to my own, so forgive me if I'm late.

Most Recent Major Update: 22 December, 2002

From now on, bookmarks from the last update and prior will be alphabetised, with new bookmarks will be found at the top.

Good News! Even though I promised to do so a month ago, finishing a 130 page thesis kept me from actually breaking up this page into subpages.
Now I've gone and broken this page up! Use the grid below to bring up pages of less than 30Kb each!
(This ought to save all of you a painful 150Kb++ download each time!)

Much of this section was also dispersed to other parts of this site. The remaining bookmarks are truly personal, and, in keeping with the site theme, their inclusion here tells as much about me as anything else on this site. Essentially, they help round out what sections of this site don't yet show.

Thanks for visiting, and don't forget to bookmark this new location...

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